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NinetyNine Products

We deliver functional & beautiful product that celebrate the people who help people. 99% of our marketing dollars will spotlight those individuals we believe do more than their fare share of shaping our communities in positive ways. The teachers, the doctors, the veterans, the artists. This is our way of giving back.

Where are your shoes manufactured?

Our shoes are all made in China now. As we grow, we will expand our production to other countries in Asia, Europe and our most exciting venture is to develop and produce shoes in Dayton, Ohio.

If you'd like to learn more about the factories we work with, our founder is documenting much of his process in the industry on Medium. There are lot of designers that want to start their own brand and more consumers want transparency with respect to how their product is made.

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Will you make more colors?

We wanted to make a splash in the market with our first shoe. We know that people really want the black or white colors to wear every day, but we wanted our first color to be a celebration. We wanted people to notice the Teachers that we are supporting with our first launch and the people who support them.

Here's a little secret: if you go to you can find our more conservative color.

We still hope you'll give the Chalk Yellow color a try.

Where can I try them on?

Like a lot of new brands, we mainly sell our product online. But if you are in New York City, you can try our shoes on at RIME NYC in Brooklyn and at NiLu Gift Shop and Harlem Haberdashery in Harlem.

While our shoes run a half-size smaller for most people, we understand that you might not get the perfect fit on your first order. We will happily work with you to get the right size without hesitation.

Are you a nonprofit organization?

We are a For Profit business with a social cause.. We don't promise to deliver a portion of our proceeds to a charity or give away a pair of shoes for every pair we sell. We pay upfront.

What we do is use 99% of our marketing budget to celebrate, uplift and raise awareness to the people we think deserve more applause in our everyday lives. We sponsor Health & Wellness events and offer discounts. We are learning that different groups have different needs so we are flexible in how we support those doing the real work.

Can I actually run in the Point?

We WANT you to run in this shoe. Not every running shoe is made for every runner, but we wanted to deliver a low-profile technical performance shoe that had more style than you're average running shoe. A lot of runners initially discounted our design because it looked 'too fashionable' to be a 'real' running shoe. Once they tested the carbon fiber plate, cupped sockliner and technical materials, they were pleasantly surprised at how well designed and crafted the shoe is.

Now we hope everyone uses the Point to focus on their health, wellness and style.

Photo: @bibandredlipstick

Are you going to do other shoes?

The Point is just the beginning for us. Later this year we will deliver our first casual shoe - the David - and we will begin to celebrate our next set of heroes in the community - Journalists.

We want to continue growing our offering and helping the community. We hope people like our shoes and our story enough to support us as much as they support the big brands. With that type of energy, we will have a lot more product to put in our shop for 

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