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Retailers are being squeezed out of the footwear business because the two major brands want to grow by delivering directly to the consumer. We know what those businesses offer in order to lead in an $80B US business.


We’ve laid the groundwork and assembled a best in class team at all choke points - Design, Production, Marketing, Distribution, Fulfillment - to compete with billion dollar brands. Now we’re ready to take the next step.


Business Impact

DTC & Wholesale


Social Impact

Harlem HQ

& US Manufacturing

Our mission is build the first and only footwear business in Harlem. Just like Nike in Beaverton and Adidas in Herzog, NinetyNine Products will employ designers, engineers, marketing, retail and business experts from within the community.

We are also building a strategy to manufacture and develop footwear in the United States at scale by 2023.

This vision isn't small because the founding team has lead teams in Nike, Yeezy, Cole Haan, Converse and Adidas. We think big.

So should you.

Environmental Impact

Long Term Use

The race to find environmentally friendly materials is only one way to provide earth friendly product. We will also extend the use of each of our products, slowing down the need to invest in new product. For too long brands have focused on disposable commodities that don't last in terms of wear or style freshness.

We plan to double the life-span of today's product without doubling the price to the consumer.

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NinetyNine Logo Print-03.png

The Founder

Jeffrey Alan Henderson began his 20+ year career with a degree in engineering from Georgia Tech. At Nike he started in the blueprint department before moving to footwear design in Kids and Basketball. He lead the product design team in Tokyo for three years before leadership roles in Running and Sportswear.

Cole Haan innovation lead him to NYC where he developed a larger interest in the complete business of footwear. This passion for business was fueled while leading design efforts for brands like Yeezy, Everlane and Under Armour under his creative agency And Them.

With a constant focus on community and family, Jeffrey started a small ecommerce project that is now GoodThin.gs to house the projects for his creative friends and community partners. NinetyNine Products was born from these conversations on simultaneously building a business while supporting the community.

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